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It's been a while since I've written about Pie Guy. That's because not much has happened. We've had our encounters, creepy as usual, and gone about our days. It's nothing like it was a few months ago, when I would slip in his drool every time I walked by.

The latest incidents haven't been much to write about. He sort of sexually harassed me one day by telling me my legs looked nice in my skirt. I've gotten to where I just smile. No response. Just smile, nod, and walk away.

I had another incident last week. Our copier broke. Our fucking copier is always breaking. This time, no amount of man-handling would get it working again. We had clients waiting on their 50 pages of copied divorce documents. My fellow co-worker looked at me and sympathetically asked (no, told me really) to go next door and ask to finish making the copies. I put on my brave face as I trudged down the hall and asked to make some copies. I didn't see him in the office. Hopefully, I could get this done and get out of there without being seen. I think I actually willed the copier to copy as fast as it's little mechanical heart could. Finally, it was finished. As I gathered the paper to make my exit, I run into the one and only. He looks stunned to see me in his office. It's kind of like when you were in middle school and you'd run into your math teacher at the grocery store. Like, really? You exist outside of that tiny bubble? I had no idea!

Then the small talk starts. Actually, all he really says is "Look. I can't get you to go get a drink with me after work. I can't get you to go to lunch with me. I can't even talk you into walking to the parking lot with me. But, I've lost 50 pounds so I'm almost there!"

I don't get it... You've lost weight? I see that. BUT YOU'RE STILL CREEPY!

Again, smile and nod and run like hell for the door. As I get back to the office, we realize that the last 3 pages didn't copy completely. I plead and plead to never make me go over there again. They don't.

And so then there was today. Just now actually. I'm sitting at my desk. Minding my business. The door opens. He sticks his head in, like usual. I look up and say hello. Then he looks down and says, "Can you say hello to the pretty lady?"

Ok, see my desk is kind of in a weird position. So I have to strain my neck to see who he's talking to. It's a little kid. A child. HIS child.

He brought his effing child into my office to meet me. AND his child's name is Chip. No offense if your name is Chip but, REALLY? Need I say more.

At least he didn't introduce me as mommy.
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