southcitygirl (southcitygirl) wrote,

circa august 2007


i once dated a boy who had a car, but no license. he rode his bike everywhere. i would drive him to work. one time, we were drunk the night before and he over-slept. he got fired. he also had some pretty bad BO. probably from all the bike riding. that was a deal breaker. but he did write a song for me. a terrible one, at that. but i guess not so terrible at the time.

i once dated a boy who worked a suit job during the week but did shrooms to phish on the weekends. he had a cabin in kentucky, and two huge dogs that weighed more than me. we had different political views. we worked together on the weekends. he would flip pizza and i'd flirt for our beer money behind the bar. he always encouraged that behavior.

i once dated a boy who was 13 years older than me. i guess that makes him more man than boy. we didn't date for very long. he liked to borrow my clothes. and he always took my picture. he thought it was a bad idea when i adopted my first dog. i should have listened to him. on our first date, he wore scarf. with sunflowers on it.

i once dated a boy who sold christmas trees during the holidays. our very first kiss was in a trailer. he never washed his hair. we were friends first and are still friends now. sometimes i feel like it never even happened. he now lives on the other side of the country.

i once dated a boy who would klepto things from my apartment. my friends joke that he was making a shrine. he got drunk one night and called to try and serenade me with some bongo drums. he took me to eat italian on our first date, and told me he loved me shortly after. i almost got nauseous.

i once dated a boy who lived far away. i would always drive to see him. his room mate walked in on us having sex one time. his parents owned a restaurant. he called me by his ex's name twice. we bonded over baseball and vegetarianism. he introduced me to dive bars and PBR.
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