southcitygirl (southcitygirl) wrote,

winter makes me want.

I am a warm weather girl for sure. Born in the south, raised here, I've just adapted to bare-feet and tank tops. I am happiest with the sun on my shoulders and a cold drink in hand. But there is just something about Winter that makes me want to live. Maybe it's that our winter's aren't that harsh. I always picture myself moving somewhere like New York, or Chicago, but I know that after one long season of trudging through below-freezing temperatures, I would be miserable.

I can't remember the last time we had snow. I do remember though, three years ago when we had a horrible ice storm. I was living alone, in my dad's old place. The power was out. The guy I was dating at the time came over, and we decided to venture out into the ice to see if we could find some place that was serving food. I lived only a few blocks away from a handful if restaurants, but the wind and slick pavement were so intimidating, we decided to drive. He drove a huge old grandma-ish Pontiac. As we ventured down the road, we noticed only one restaurant on the strip that had their lights on. So we pulled into the parking lot. A few cars were already there. Some that were parked on a slight incline had slid into each other so slightly. Not leaving any damage, but leaving the owners in a little predicament once they came back outside. Getting out of the car and trying to walk was the hardest thing. We were sliding all over the place, falling into each other, laughing through chattering teeth, and freezing. It was what I call Awful Cold. So cold that after 1 minute outside, toes are numb and walking is close to impossible because your body keeps trembling. Maybe I'm over exaggerating, but whatever. It was damn cold.

The weather so far this season has been wonderful. In the last few weeks, it's just started to get cold. It's the season for my blue, trench/pea (trea) coat, my woolly scarf, all over-top my boyfriend's borrowed hoodie. Smokey basement bars with red wine. Pink cheeks, visible breath and ice skating in the park. Getting drunk beneath city lights and falling in love all over again. Knee high boots with tights a short skirt.

I drove through downtown on Saturday night. The boyfriend in the passenger seat, his hand on my knee. His friend in the back seat, smoking a cigarette out the open window. We were all a little buzzed off some Blue Moon seasonal ale. The iPod blared songs that we all knew by heart. Singing loudly, drunkenly, maybe a little off key. The city swirling around us. Cold air and the smell of smoke. Winter makes me passionate. It makes me nostalgic. Maybe it's the holiday vibe. Maybe it's just that the cold kind of wakes you up. The heat will make you tired, relaxed, lazy. The cold makes you remember. There is nothing like the city in December.
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